Quality Policy

Quality which is unbeatable

Quality is very essential for us in Sachiya Steel International and we try to incorporate it in all our activities. Our work process requires very strict parameters and adherence to quality norms that have helped us attain top-notch quality standards and to achieve a dominant position as India’s number one manufacturers in the Metal Industry by focusing on Quality, reliability, precision and Professionalism so as to add value to our customers and their clients. We are able to offer precision heat exchanger and condensers tubes under various international third party quality inspection agencies.

From the time of procurement of raw material till the final delivery the products, at every stage items, are checked for various chemical and mechanical properties using the equipment certified by the Government and its agencies. They are checked for
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Static pressure
  • Leakages
  • Severe vibration under impulse pressure

All these test can be checks are certified by our Quality management systems and can be witness by the client and third party. Our team members and researchers ensure that all products that reach our clients are at par with international standard of quality and meet the functional requirements of various industries.


Deliver best quaity products for all your need of Sheets, Plates, Pipes & Coils

Each of our department right from Vendor Evaluation Procurement Production Inventory Sales and Services are Fully automated for better supply chain management so as to offer the best product Quality and Prompt Services to our Client.



We believe every single resource involved in our organization – be it a manager, an engineer or a technician – plays a vital role in its successful completion. That is why we inculcate the culture of good decision making, right from managerial positions to the lower levels, and encourage our employees to take full ownership of their work.
To help our people keep up with the trends and technological advancements in the industry, employees at all levels are given training periodically to arm them with the latest of knowledge and skills. Today our biggest asset is our team of highly qualified and dedicated people who deliver every task, however small, with the highest degree of perfection.